"Whenever I watch romantic movies, witness couples kiss and make up, listen to love songs.. I smile and feel good 'cause I know that love still works, if not for me, at least to others." - Ally McBeal

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Gokusen S01EP10 [2009]

hanazakari no kimi tachi e ep09 [2007]

Empty Plastic #143: Gluta Soap 🌸

Once again I am sorry as this is not an in depth product review. Just documenting the products I finished. Products I accumulated during the hoarding phase of my life. So now I am done with this Gluta Soap from Thailand. Got it for free back in 2015 if me memory serves me right. Review??? We all know that whitening soaps will never really work. So this is nothing extraordinary. Just a simple soap that cleanses the skin. That's all. And because I was such a hoarder I still have 20 plus soaps to finish until next year.

Abandoned [2010]

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Gokusen S01EP09 [2009]

hanazakari no kimi tachi e ep08 [2007]

Horsemen [2009]

Goodbye #186: Garnier Light Oil Control 🌸

Hello there! Please do not expect much from this post. The story was I purchased Garnier Light Oil Control cream during my hoarding phase. Since it was very affordable anyway. But it turned out to be not a product for me. My skin does not like it. In short my 16.00AED was wasted. And as I can remember it leaves a white cast on my face. So even though I am someone who does not want wasting I have to get rid of it.
That's all and thanks for dropping by. The year is about to end but in a few weeks time but then I still have a long way to go in my minimalist goal.

Empty Tub #142: Dirty Works Body Butter 🌸

Hello! If you landed here on my page hoping for an in depth review regarding the Dirty Works Body Butter then I am sorry to disappoint you that this post is not exactly like that. Photos overload. But as the title suggests I am just documenting the products I finished on my Pan Project.
Been doing this Pan Project as part of my trying to be minimalist, since middle of 2016. But since I was a hoarder for the past 2 years or more than that I found it hard to finish everything. Even as I write this I still have at least 30 pieces of body moisturizers. I know now better that hoarding was and will never be good or fun. Or positive.
Dirty Works is a brand from UK. It used to be available in Centrepoint/Splash in City Centre. But not sure if they are still selling it until now. It has been a year or so since I last visited the said shop. And I do not like when there are many sales associates lingering and waiting for a chance to offer you something when I simply want to look around and check the  items. 
Dirty Works also used to be available in Boots Pharmacy. Boots Pharmacies are all located in Dubai but none in Ajman. Again I am not sure if the said pharmacy still sells it. Also it has been more than a year since I visited the said pharmacy. Also because they have sales associates lurking in every aisle waiting for a chance to call you to sell out something. 
I hope that photos are clear enough and good enough to explain for themselves. As you can see I am more on sharing my experiences about the shops rather than the experience in using Dirty Works Body Butter. To be honest I do not know anything about body butters before not until I was introduced to Victoria's Secret body butter and I loved it.
So to make the long story short after using Victoria's Secret body butter my idea and expectations of a good butter should be similar to Victoria's Secret. I do not have side by side photos of VS and Dirty Works body butter but as you can see in the above photo the Dirty works looks like a thicker lotion. That if you turn it upside down the cream will fall down. While Victoria's Secret is so thick that you can well, turn it upside down. Needless to say because of it I am not in favor of Dirty Works body butter. I managed to finish it just to avoid wasting it.
But to be fair: Dirty Works is really moisturizing and with just right amount of scent. I mean products from Bath & Body Works or Victoria's Secret can have an overwhelming scent rather than a moisturizing product. So it's refreshing to find Dirty Works with just right amount of scent./
More photos! I posted everything that I can find in my personal computer at work. As I have to delete them all soon. I might no longer be around in the months to come. So all the personal stuff should be deleted as soon as possible.
One tip though: if you have a body oil. Any brand of body oil it is best to use it after applying body butter on your skin. Then wait for a few minutes before wearing your clothes. The down side of this kind of cream is when wearing clothes it feels wet and clothes might stick to your skin. So yeah wait for a few minutes before dressing up.
So that's all and thank you for dropping by. In case you are wondering why I am sharing too many Asian television series right now is because I am uploading them before deleting from my laptop. Some might argue that it is not lawfully right but then come on it is my little way to give back. I got them for free and I know a lot of people are into some Asian television series as well.

And if you are wondering why I am posting so many photos, as I stated above I must delete everything soon from my computer at work. In short I am decluttering my computer, laptop and external disks.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

hanazakari no kimi tachi e ep07 [2007]

Gokusen S01EP08 [2009]

Faith EP24 [2012]

I can't resist Mac 💕

Far too many times I mentioned that I feel I will not be on this place longer. So the proper thing to do is really save every penny I've got. But then in spite of everything I simply cannot resist Mac. Probably because I never enjoyed it much before as I avoided buying from them. Only this year that I started buying/using Mac again.
So tada! This post is another Mac lipstick I purchased. I was not planning on buying anything but while browsing the web I've seen that Mac online offers free delivery in any orders. So I thought I'd check it out. Then some shades were on sale. There. I lost it. I had to order. Placed this order even though it was just last month since my last purchase of lipstick Mac Palette or Mac Pro Palette Necessary Nudes. This is really my addiction. Mac lipsticks!
Aside from it being on sale and with free shipping, I got freebie too. But honestly I am not interested in the freebie. Just in the black pouch. As it can hold up to 6 lipsticks I think. So no need for me to buy a pouch for my beloved lippies.
Some red shades were on sale too but I am only interested in nudes. And no swatches for this post as I will use then after a week of two. In spite of me being excited in finally having them. 
They are limited edition by the way. But who knows Mac might include them soon in their permanent line. I've got: Cold Hard Cash, Mud Wrestler and Gritty Girl.
Used mobile to take this photos. And I think they are okay. And looking at them now makes me want to use them immediately. Haha. Or maybe I will not wait for 2 weeks any longer. Maybe I will use it over the weekend. 
Call me shallow but in spite of all my problems and worries in life, a new lipstick seems to lift my spirit and mood. And before I forgot all three are matte. I may not like matte but will just to something about it as to not to dry my lips.
That's all for today. I still have many worries in life. But then Mac has given me a fleeting happiness. And yeah on December if they are on sale again I will surely buy. Even if not on sale if they launch the Mac Snowball Holiday 2017 collection I might get one or two items. Ciao!

Hana Kimi 07 [Taiwan-2006]

Goodbye #185: Lorac Pro Palette 2 🌸

PHOTOS overload. I am still not yet done with my Goodbye Series post as I feel that up to this day I still own a lot. I still have many items inside the house. I just cannot face them fully nowadays as I am busy with other things too. And I keep on uploading videos online before deleting them in my external disk. Anyway back when I was a hoarder I used to own 3 western brands of eyeshadow palette that I never used. Or used them once. Last year I was able to get rid of my Urban Decay Naked Palette. And it has taken me a year before finally letting go of another palette.

It is not easy for me as my stuff are usually together in a bag or any packaging and put in every corner of the place. And it is very messy that pulling a package out from a corner to check it out can be.. I do not know the correct word? Annoying perhaps? Because taking them out will create another clutter. This year I am trying my best to declutter my makeup but then for a few weeks now I had been side tracked with learning languages and uploading videos. So now I am trying to get back on track with my decluttering project. So here it is.
Correct me if I am wrong for saying that Lorac is an American brand of makeup. In UAE it used to be available via online sellers. But in 2017 I am not sure if finally some shops do carry this brand. I got mine online from AlShop I guess? For 249.00AED. Back in the time that I was a stupid hoarder. And the story of my Lorac Pro Palette 2 ended up just like most of the beauty products I own. Had to give up without using. This is what happens if you buy something you don't need and do not really love. Sorry if no swatches or no in depth reviews. I am just really all about my minimalist project. But if ever I found photos of swatches I will immediately share them over here. Ciao!

Friday, November 3, 2017

hanazakari no kimi tachi e ep03 [2007]

Japanese People from

Gokusen S01EP04 [2009]

Faith EP20 [2012]

Scent Of A Woman EP3 [2011]

Hana Kimi 03 [Taiwan-2006]

Family Mart

Family Mart ~ the new Korean grocery store in Karama. Near Lamcy. Walking distance from Japanese grocery called Dean's Fujiya.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

hanazakari no kimi tachi e ep02 [2007]

God Hates Sin from

Gokusen S01EP03 [2009]

Faith EP19 [2012]

Scent Of A Woman EP2 [2011]

Korean Milk Spread Series

There is a Korean shop near Lamcy Plaza called Family Mart. And they have a website too. Korean Milk Spread Series are available on the said shop. Sharing for those who are interested.

Coffee Prince Special [2007]

Hana Kimi 02 [Taiwan-2006]

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

hanazakari no kimi tachi e ep01 [2007]

Hana Kimi 01 [Taiwan-2006]

Harry Potter from DAMNLOL.Com

Gokusen S01EP02 [2009]

Faith EP18 [2012]

Scent Of A Woman EP1 [2011]

Hybrid Contact Lens Brown 💕

My 6th contact lenses from KLensPop and my 3rd Hybrid Lenses. I don't have anything negative or bad to say about the contact lenses I purchased from KLensPop so far. All were fine with me. Photos overload for this post.
And at the same time I also do not have anything to add about these contact lenses. I mean I have shared about it 5 times already. I will just repeat all the things I said before. That Silicon Hydrogel said to be the latest in contact lenses. That makes your eyes breath more. It will cost around 30.00USD to 60.00USD but I got mine on sale for around 6.00USD to 6.50USD. 
Since VAT is not yet fully implemented in the country then shopping online for me is cheaper. If I were to buy contact lenses to the nearest shop it will cost me 125.00AED and the only good thing is it comes with a free solution. Whereas online shopping 156.00AED I will have 6 pairs of contact lenses good for 6 months use. And in the colors of my choice.
Sorry if I am just going in circles and keeps on repeating words, I have said already a few times. Since it is my 6th contact lenses as I stated earlier. I just wanted a separate post for it as I do believe this brand and this website really deserves it. If not for KLensPop I will not be able to experience different colors of contact lenses as it is very expensive in UAE.
Last photo was from the KLensPop website. It has almost the same effect with me even though I do not have a fair skin like the model in the photo. It is good but I now have my own favorite of colors. Hybrid Green and Hybrid Gray are now my colors. Can't wait to share my Hybrid Gray soon. Very soon.

Coffee Prince EP17 [2007]