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Friday, October 27, 2017

Orchid Swing Silicone Hydrogel Brown πŸ’•

Hello! And here I am to share you the 5th contact lenses I own from KLensPop. It is from the brand O-Lens and it is called Orchid Swing Silicone Hydrogel Brown. I made a purchase from the said online shop 4 times last June to August 2017. Those 4 times I managed to get at least 19 pairs that will last for a year. I cannot think of anything negative to say about them. So don't find any in here.
Even though I bought 19 pairs from them it did not break my bank account as I paid only 500.00AED+ including the shipping fee as I've purchased everything on sale! First you have seen me share the Olens Motive Silicone Hydrogel Gray, well gray used to be my favorite color of contact lenses not until I was introduced to Hybrid Green that totally changes the color of my eyes. The latter made me no longer interested in the other colors I own. Hybrid Choco is just okay making me look like as if I have a natural brown eyes. But I've had enough of it. So needless to say this Orchid Swing Silicone Hydrogel Brown is not my favorite too. I am just using it because I have too.
But still writing a post about it because the website deserves an attention. As they can offer the cheapest contact lenses in the market. And they are all made in Korea. And safe to use. Plus they offer the cheapest shipping fee as well. As for me I cannot live without contact lenses as I have bad eyesight. I might order again if the Hybrid line will be on sale. I do not own all the 19 contact lenses I purchased. I have given the 3 pairs to my friend.
Anyway as you can see from the photos most of the contact lenses from KLensPop comes in a packaging of small and cute bottles. Making it expensive looking. Then the name of the brand and color is written in front. Additional details are written at the back in mixture of Hangul and English. White at the side you'll see the diameter and expiration date of the lenses. On top you will see the power of the lenses.
You know why I am happy in spite of spending 500.00AED+ in all of the lenses that I bought in KLensPop? Because if I were to spend the same amount of money in contact lenses being sold at the nearest optical shop I will only have 4 pairs that will last for 4 months! Imagine having 4 pairs and having 16 pairs instead! So getting contact lenses overseas can be better than buying from here. As long as you know the power needed of your eyes.
Actually brown was the color of my first ever contact lenses back in December 2016. It used to be my favorite. Then replaced by gray when I thought gray suited me well. But now neither brown or gray looks appealing to me. But then you will see me posting a lot of contact lenses on these shades in the following days. As I purchased all the cheap ones I can purchase from KLensPop during their promotion last June to August. And mostly the shades were the said color. I am staying away from violet (I only have one), blue and green. Not unless if the shades of blue and green are Hybrid lenses. 
I always forgot to say why on earth did I purchased this. My bad. Silicone hydrogel said to be the latest when it comes to contact lenses. So this is the most expensive. Price ranging from 30.00USD to 60.00USD but I got all my silicon hydrogel lenses for only 6.50USD and 7.50USD as they were on promotion. Curiosity made me bought whatever I can months ago. No regrets. Except that now I have my own favorite shades. 

This October they are having sale of my favorite Hybrid lenses for only 6.00USD convert that in dirhams and that will be roughly 24.00AED. If I were to buy Freshlook it will cost me 125.00AED but in the said shop the same amount will allow me to have 4 pairs of the pairs I love the most. 

I have to edit this post as this turned out to be my 5th and not the 4th as I initially stated. My 4th contact lenses was Brianna Pink. In case the Hybrid lenses are no longer available in the market then I would not mind settling for pink shades.

It Started With A Kiss EP27 [Taiwan 2005]

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Coffee Prince EP12 [2007]

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Rattle Rattle Katakata γ‚«γ‚Ώγ‚«γ‚Ώ [2006]

It Started With A Kiss EP25 [Taiwan 2005]

Faith EP11 [2012]

Coffee Prince EP10 [2007]

Brianna Pink Contact Lenses πŸ’•

Hello to all! This is the 4th contact lenses that I will be sharing. When I say 4th what I meant is I got it from the same seller just like the previous 3 contact lenses I shared over here. I got it from KLensPop during their promotion on this.
KLensPop is an online seller of contact lenses from Korea. They offer the cheapest shipping fee of 5.50USD and the method of shipping is via Postal Office. I am in UAE so the package takes a week or two weeks to arrive. And I have to pay the post office 5.00AED since I do not own any PO BOX and I am using the public one. It is very important to have a tracking number as that is the only for you to get your items. Do not expect to get your items without a tracking number. Staff will not bother to look at their storage to see any package bearing your name only.
Just like the other contact lenses I purchased this Brianna Pink comes in a bottle. On a regular price it will cost you 18.00USD but as I've said I got it on promotion last June or July? That time the prices were just 5.50USD per pair that I got myself 5 pairs of contact lenses. And you can use it 30 times in span of 6 months so no worries for me.
And this is what Brianna Pink looks like. So far I cannot think of anything bad to say about the Brianna Pink contact lenses I've got or any other contact lenses I own from KLensPop. And I hope people will take my word whenever I am suggesting a contact lenses. As I have a poor eyesight and cannot leave the house without a contact lenses or glasses. So in short I know what I am talking about or what I am doing. I mean I'd like to say that this website/brand is very trustworthy in spite of being affordable.
Just a few more uses and I have to discard it. But before that I will gather all my pink contact lenses and take a photo of them all together for comparison. Right now I have 3 shades of pink that I am wearing alternately. If you want to see the other contact lenses I've got here is the link. Whether you want to use contact lenses with power or just for cosmetic purposes you should try ordering from KLensPop.
Photo from the KLensPop website. Actually for me since I have a brown skin tone and my eyes are black so the pink does not look as pink. It becomes between pink and brown. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

It Started With A Kiss EP24 [Taiwan 2005]

Faith EP10 [2012]

Goodbye #184: Gosh Lipsticks 🌸

Gosh is a Danish brand of makeup available in Centrepoint across the UAE. I stumbled upon this brand last 2015 when I was looking for alternative to Mac Lipsticks. Price was 45.00AED per tube but I got them on sale for only 33.25AED each.
I got myself at least 11 shades and it was unintentional. I think the sale lasted for a month. So a few trips to the shop, voila! I found myself with 11 shades in my drawer.
It was affordable. And the current price was around 72.00AED now. I think everything there is to say I have said before but I will tell them again. It does not come with a box which is fine. It has a matte tube which the shiny part on the middle. And numbers and shades at the bottom of the tube.
The only thing I dislike about Gosh lipsticks was being too creamy. To the point that one has to be extra careful when applying on the lips. It breaks easily. I am not even putting it somewhere hot. Feels like one should keep it on the fridge. Just like a butter that would melt easily. 
Swatches for those who are interested as most of the shades are in permanent collection. I doubt that they have limited edition. And the brand is still very much available in UAE. As of me since I am continuously decluttering while avoiding hoarding that these all has to go. I've gone back to Mac since it is really my favorite brand. 

Coffee Prince EP9 [2007]

Anello Japan Small 🌸

These are not my photos. I got them from the Amazon Japan website. I am trying to declutter my computer at work. And I am seeing a lot of photos so I end up posting them here.
First I am not completely sure if the Anello being sold in Amazon Japan are all original. Then I cannot believe that there are fake Anello bags in the market. I mean they may not be affordable but at the same time they are not exactly a high end brand for people to create a replica. A lot of brands are way more expensive than Anello. Even the good old Jansport and Eastpak. Anyway moving on. I have these photos as I was contemplating on buying these.

Price in AED is around 50.00AED which does not hurt my pocket much. But then the shipping fee kills me. As the shipping is much more pricier than the amount of the item. As they offer only DHL as a courier. And I do not know anyone from Japan who can buy this for me and send it to me via Empost. Also I am getting an impression that it is quite hard to find items inside Japan. But then methinks only for those who are not really interested into helping someone out.

Last year when I was in Turkey grocery items from Japan, Korea, China, Thailand and Philippines are nowhere to be found. People who has been in that country for the longest time does not even know or has any idea that a small Chinese grocery exists in the heart of Istanbul. In Taksim Square. One just have to dig Google and social media to find it. Call me show off but then if I can find such a thing then why others can't? So same case in Japan. People who cannot find something are just simply not interested. If I were in Japan and will be staying in the same place for a week then I could just order them online. You know Amazon Japan exist for a reason.

For now I can only share the items I wish to buy even though I do not really need them. I guess I have to wait for my time. That I am the one who will be going to Japan for a visit.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

It Started With A Kiss EP22 [Taiwan 2005]

Harvest Snaps

Thailand brand if I am not mistaken. Totally recommended but of course eat moderately. Eating anything excessively is always bad. As of me whenever I see/taste good and from Asia I will surely share it over here. This can be found in any Carrefour before I forget.

Faith EP8 [2012]

Coffee Prince EP7 [2007]

Hybrid Contact Lens Choco πŸ’•

If you are here on my page hoping for an in depth reviews then I am sorry as this is not. I just want to share/show/promote/recommend the contact lenses from KLensPop. I now have 16 pairs of contact lenses from the said shop. And I do not have anything bad to say to any of them at all. But out of 16 pairs this is the 3rd time that I am sharing the contact lenses I own. And I am sharing them as it is really worth it.
For today I want to share about this Hybrid Contact Lens Choco. Klenspop is an online shopping of contact lenses and other things from Korea. They are using the normal post office when shipping the items. I have chosen the website out of all the many websites out there as they offer the most affordable prices especially when they are having a promotion. This pair would cost me 18.00USD on a regular price. But I got it on sale for only 6.50USD. When it comes to shipping again they offer the most affordable shipping fee of only 5.50USD irregardless of how many pairs you will buy. While one website I stumbled upon asking for 17.00USD for shipping fee using the same method of postal office.
All the 16 contact lenses I own came with a bottle like on these photos. Making it look more expensive. Anyway if you want to know contact lenses are available in UAE too. But then we do not have a wide selection of brands and colors. And it tend to be very expensive. Fresh look that cost 120.00AED is considered to be the cheapest. And the price goes up depends on the location of the optical shop. Same brand/color will cost 160.00AED if the location is inside the Mirdif City Centre. Price was the major factor why I opted for buying online.
And as always the bottle comes with English and Hangul. Which I do not mind that much. As I trust them to be safe. And the expiration date is written in English anyway. I remember picking up this batch of lenses from Empost that the officer cannot see what's inside of the bottles. Yes since the middle of this year the officers at Ajman Emirates Post Office are now opening ALL the packages. I asked them through their Instagram if is the standard operating procedure nowadays. You know all the parcels have gone through X-ray already so why the need to open them again. Will they pay me if it turned out to be legal? For invading my private property?
The first contact lenses I shared here was Olens Motive Silicon Hydrogel Gray which is totally fine except that it is not my favorite color. Second was Hybrid Contact Lens Green and the Hybrid line of contact lenses turned out to be my most favorite out of all the contact lenses I own. This one is also a Hybrid contact lens but it does not have the same effect as the green one. Unfortunately I suck at taking selfies that I can never do that in this lifetime to show how it would look like on me.
I just hope that whoever is reading this post will just trust me and try to order from Klenspop. Or choose Hybrid contact lenses. Even with the original price it is really worth it. Color blue, gray and green are the ones that will completely change ones eye color. Mine is black by the way since I am a Filipino. Their gray turns into icy blue into mine. While the green turns into light green into mine. This choco turns into naturally looking choco on my eyes but it does not stand out much compared to gray and green. So it is my least favorite in the line of Hybrid.
You can wear it 30 times in the span of 6 months. Did I miss out anything? I have said all my experiences repeatedly and how I came to know about this website and this brand. I may not be an expert but I think I have a say when it comes to contact lenses since I use them everyday. Except when I sleep. As I have a poor eyesight. Glasses are too heavy for me now. That I opted for contact lenses. I wish to also try Japanese brands but even the cheapest Japanese brand can turn into a premium price once its outside Japan. 
That's all for today and thank you for dropping by. Last photo is from the website. I am not as white as the woman in the photo but I swear that the contact lenses has the same effect on me. Just like with her. Ciao! Till next time. I am just waiting to have a bit of time to take photos of my other contact lenses.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Thursday, October 19, 2017

It Started With A Kiss EP19 [Taiwan 2005]

Faith EP5 [2012]

Baby Wipes πŸ‘ΆπŸ½

In the market there are wet wipes for the adults and for the babies. I always go for the baby wet wipes as they are bigger and more affordable than the travel wipes or adult wipes. Anyway I am writing this post to warn you to stay away from this brand. It might be the cheapest for only 5.00AED but it has a very awful smell. So goodluck to this brand. Thankfully now Carrefour released their own brand of wet wipes that is cheaper than the other well known brands.

Turkish Coffee ☕️

The most memorable from my August 2016 vacation was the taste of Turkish coffee. Since then I call it the most delicious coffee in the world. Too bad I just don't know how to make one. It is a coffee with a chocolaty flavor in it. Can't wait to visit and keep on drinking it again.

Coffee Prince EP4 [2007]

Goodbye #183: Violet Shorts 🌸

Goodbye as it no longer fits me. Reminding me that I have grown so big and so it is now time for me to take diet seriously.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Saucony Shoes

Been seeing Saucony in Dubai Mall for such a long time without giving it a second glance even on sale. Only last year that I found about what Saucony is about. That it is an American brand of running shoes. And a good one! 
Anyway I am not writing a post to lure anyone to spend money impulsively. I am just merely saying that if you are reading this and you badly need a running shoes or any kind of rubber shoes why not try Saucony. If you are in UAE keep the brand in mind but buy only when there is on sale or promotion.
This pair was a gift and purchased on sale for barely 100.00AED and you know what? This is the lightest pair of rubber shoes I own. And at the same time very comfortable to wear. Well you can see that the original price was 615.00AED but became only 100.00AED on sale. So that's all for today. And if I stumble upon something good and cheap again I will make sure to share it over here.

It Started With A Kiss EP18 [Taiwan 2005]

Faith EP4 [2012]

Goodbye #182: Deodorants 🌸

Both are good brands do not get me wrong. I am discarding them as both are expired. It expired without me using them as I have a dozen of deodorants and I do now know why. Because I wasted a lot of money/products that I really, really learned how to be frugal and minimalist. Now going back in raiding my closet again to see what else I can get rid of.

Coffee Prince EP3 [2007]

Daiso Product #17: Card Holder

For the longest time I was looking for something that can hold up all the cards I own. I wish they were all debit cards but unfortunately they are not. Anyway glad that I found this from Daiso for only 7.00AED and been using it for many months now. Or maybe for a year now. It is just a late post. Highly recommended. Click here to see the other Daiso items I tried in the past.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

It Started With A Kiss EP17 [Taiwan 2005]

Faith EP3 [2012]

Foreign TV Series

I hope not all of you will judge me upon saying that I am looking for the torrents of these foreign tv series. I have given up watching English series many years ago. The only English I am watching now are Game of Thrones and Vikings. I have the copy of Mafiosa but it's quite boring for my palate.

Coffee Prince EP2 [2007]

Delsey Bag

Last year I was able to buy some Delsey bags from Carrefour. Just thought I'd share some photos. For those who does not know Delsey is a French brand of luggagges and bags. And I am writing this post because I had the bag for almost a year now. I cannot complain with its quality. So for those looking for an affordable and good quality bags, why not try Delsey? Just sorry as bag is still in the plastic cover in this photos. I will try to have time this week to take a few snapshots of them again.
I was not planning on buying a Delsey bag. I had my eyes on Catterpillar bag but unfortunately they only have shops in Deira City Centre and Al Ghurair Mall. Online shopping for Caterpillar is not available. Then I thought of getting a bag from Eastpak from Janshamal but it is very expensive for me. They have a sale but the branch in Mirdif City Centre doesn't seem to carry the sale bags during promotion. Again online shopping option is not available. Then there is another brand called Herschel if I am not mistaken. It can be found in shops like Virgin Mega Store and again quite expensive for me.

While the backpack of Delsey would cost around 200.00AED to 300.00AED ~ other brands would cost more than 300.00AED to 500.00AED. Just a few weeks ago I have seen this Eastpak in pure leather (backpack) with oozing price of 799.00AED! We are paying based on the names! And I am telling you a lot of unknown brands can turn out to be high quality too without the premium tag price. 

Anyhow the bags I got from Delsey last year were just the small ones. One was 119.00AED and the other one if my memory serves me right was 129.00AED. I wish I have gotten something bigger. But maybe some other time. I've tried so many brands of bags that now I know which ones to be trusted.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Dubai Miracle Garden

It is in my draft that I decided to post it anyway. This was taken at Dubai Miracle Garden. My first and last visit to the said area. I do not mean anything bad about the place but.. based on my observation only, how can the place compete with other countries when it comes to tourism when everything seems to be so expensive. If I am a backpacker with limited money, I have to take a taxi to be in this place. And shell out 50.00AED for entrance fee. And another fee to see the butterfly garden. I have to many places across the UAE. Some are affordable but the problem will be the transportation. Some places are easily accessible but with expensive entrance fee.

It Started With A Kiss EP16 [Taiwan 2005]

Goodbye #181: Daiso Mascaras 🌸

If you are looking for an affordable and waterproof mascara I would definitely recommend Daiso Ellefar Waterproof Mascara to you. But nevermind the Daiso Ever Bilena Clear Mascara as this one is good for nothing. But then even if the Daiso mascara is good I now have to throw them both away. I do not use makeup on daily/regular basis that both of these has been sitting in my drawer for more than a year now. And since I am trying my best to get rid of something per day to unclutter my place that they have to go. You know on my way to minimalism.