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Every once in a while I'm posting photos of small houses or tiny houses. Just to give ideas. This is a tiny kitchen with so many items but somehow I could say that it is organized. It could probably being used for business. Or maybe deep inside of me I'm longing to have a place of my own and go home to it for good.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Taong Manhid

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Happy Valentines 😂

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Jollibee Dubai Mall

This photo was taken the first time I had eaten at Jollibee Dubai Mall. It has taken time for me to eat at the said branch as upon opening and following weeks after that, the queue is quite long that it will take you hours of waiting. 

My verdict: I am happy but not extremely satisfied. They are serving Pepsi, I like Coke. So having a Coke Float is totally out of the picture. Peach Mango Pie didn't make it here. I think Philippines has the best mango in the world. Followed by Thailand. But sending Philippine mangoes in UAE can be extremely expensive especially when it is not in season. Most Filipinos eat pork and back home I love their Palabok. This is a Muslim country and applying for a pork permit cost a fortune, so my favorite Palabok didn't make it here too. I love Chicken Joy but comparing the price to KFC and Chicking both are way cheaper than KFC. Hello, last time I check chicken is still affordable in UAE market. Do Jollibee chickens are coming straight from the Philippines?

At the end of the day, still there is no place like home. I will eat at Jollibee every once in a while for my Burgersteak fix and some chicken joy. But the best Jollibee will still be back home.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Makahiya Herbal Medicine

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I didn't purchase it outside. Cooked it by myself as it is very easy to do. Lugaw or the Philippine version of porridge. Best accompanied by tokwa at baboy (tofu and pork) but only tofu is in the photo since I do not have pork at the time of cooking.
This is best for breakfast. Or snack. Or midnight snack. In short you can east it any time of the day. ♥

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Successful People 💕

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Fish World: Tilapia 🐬

I don't always get the chance to go to Burjuman Mall. It is far from my place. Always traffic. And I feel like most of the shops are for rich people. But in the midst of this expensive mall I found Fish World in their food court. I had this crispy fried tilapia which is extremely delicious on my taste buds. You know one of the disadvantages when you are living in a closed flat. I do not mind living in the smallest flat on the world as long as it has a good ventilation and has an open space like windows. That way the smell that emits from kitchen can go away. But building owners don't consider that. So in this place I only get to eat Crispy Tilapia whenever I am out of the house.
Totally recommending this place for your affordable seafood fix.

Friday, February 10, 2017

My Turkey Diaries: Turkish Breakfast 🇹🇷

Sample of Turkish breakfast back in Merzin. Turkish people eat heavy and healthy breakfast. No rice in sight but a lot of fruits, cheeses, olives and bread. And yeah bottomless tea. Sometimes I miss it but with the way of life in UAE it is simply not possible. Every waking hour if mine either I am at work or preparing to go to work or doing something inside the house.
Thanks for visiting my page. Till next time.

The Four Candles

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

My Turkey Diaries: Nutella B-ready

When I was in Turkey I found this snack called Nutella B-ready at Macro for only 8TL. And that time I thought it was extremely expensive. Now when I went back to UAE I found the same snack at Emirates Coop for around 20AED and above. Which buying it from Turkey makes it more affordable than in UAE.
It has been months since I spent a month in Turkey but I feel like there are still many tidbits story that I can share.

Evolution of Men and Women

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Bear Brand and Alaska 🇵🇭

Not sure if I posted this already but here it is anyway. Alaska Busog Lusog Oatmeal and Alaska Chocolate. I had been away from Philippines for more than a decade now. That I do not know what's new with the food items back home. I am certain that these doesn't exist a decade ago. I found these at Al Maya and each packet cost 1.95AED and I purchased them to know what they taste like. Not exactly my favorite. But will drink them anyway if given to me.
Thanks again for dropping by.. I am sure I still have a lot of Asian products to share in the future. But one at a time.

Before and After Marriage

Monday, February 6, 2017

Pampanga's Best Chomps

Hey porky lovers like me ♥
I found this Pampanga's Best Chomps sausage in Al Maya. Price for a packet is around 11AED to 15AED. No doubt about it being a delicious bite size sausage. But then I find that this is not for me. I am still a bacon girl at heart.
That's all for today. More Asian goodies to come. More Asian skin care to come. ☺

What Does Marriage Mean?