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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Evian Facial Mist

Evian Water Spray
Evian Facial Mist
Price: 30.00AED for 300ML @ Carrefour
Made in France
The first brand of water spray I purchased was La Roche Posay it was for 79.00AED for 300ML. And even though I like it I just can't keep on parting the same amount for a water spray. So when searching for an affordable alternative I found this Evian water spray. They have a smaller bottle. 150ML only for 19.00AED and obviously I can save money when buying the bigger bottle. And it is not a hassle for me bringing it outside as I always use big bags anyway. Everyday. Third brand of water spray was LCS I got it on sale and that time this Evian was out of stock. Not sure though if they have stocks now. 
Evian Water Spray
And I won't contradict them. As they delivers what it promises to do so. Definitely if I finished all the LCS stock I'll repurchase Evian. And anyway I can always have them both right?
Ingredients and Country of Origin
Facial Spray has become a staple in my list as I love how it refreshes my face the whole day whenever I am outside. If it is too hot I'll just spray it all over my face and sometimes even in my head/hair. Soothes me. Especially now that the summer in the UAE is in full blast. But I am staying away from expensive brands and who knows a dirt cheap brand might come along in the market. But for now I have nothing but LOVE for Evian Facial Spray. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Riche

La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Riche
Price: 110.00 AED @ Aster Pharmacy
Made in France
Ingredients:Water, Glycerin, Shea Butter, Dimethicone, Polyethylene, Liquidum / Mineral Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Urea, Glyceryl Linoleate, PEG-100 Stearate, Glyceryl Stearate, Pentylene Glycol, Stearic Acid, Carbomer, Glyceryl Acrylate/Acrylic Acid Copolymer, Glyceryl Linolenate, Glyceryl Oleate, Triethanolamine, Disodium EDTA, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Xanthan Gum, Polysorbate 60, Tocopheryl Acetate, Caprylyl Glycol, Fragrance

This is my favorite La Roche Posay product. The La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Riche. Although it doesn't contain SPF that is perfectly fine with me as I am already used to using a sunscreen every morning. And since it doesn't contain SPF meaning I can also use it at night as my night cream. I love the it comes with a pump which makes it easier to use. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Updated Price of Byphasse Products

As soon as I purchased Byphasse products for the month of April, I started using them and as much as I'd like to share my feedback about them I haven't gotten time yet to write and take photos. Well I found out that their prices when I found them (at Tati Department Store) was their regular prices. But when MAY 2015 came they added 2.00AED to all the products of Byphasse. And even the brand Evoluderm. Evoluderm is a French brand of affordable skin care products. Not yet buying anything from that brand. I was kind of disappointed over the 2.00AED increase as I'm planning to buy a dozen or two that I will be sending to my family via cargo. And someone was laughing at me for sulking over the 2.00AED increase :(
Byphasse Cleansing Milk 500ML ~ 12.00AED
Byphasse Micelle Solution 500ML ~ 20.00AED
Byphasse Rosewater Toner 500ML ~ 10.00AED
Byphasse Nourishing Lotion 500ml ~ 12.00AED
Byphasse Make Up Remover ~ 10.00AED
Byphasse Shampoo 1L ~ 17.00AED
Byphasse Shower Gel 1l ~ 22.00AED

They still have other items available that I did not purchase so I don't know the exact prices of those. Byphasse facial wash, Byphasse facial mask and Byphasse face scrub are not available. Tati Department Store so far has only one branch in Dubai and that is in Mirdif City Centre. Not too sure if they'll expand soon or not. That's all for now. Thanks for dropping by. Comments are welcome just don't be rude. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

My life with whiteheads!

This is a rant post. Since I hit puberty I always have whiteheads. Mother told me because I am not scrubbing my nose with towel properly. But I did and I still do. It has nothing to do with cleaning the face anymore. And I am even following the tips I get from the internet.
Nose strip. It is something I cannot live without. It is a very affordable solution in removing whiteheads. But unfortunately it can only do so much. No I am not going to bash nose strips as it has always been a big help. But it has a limit. For example after using one strip I can see that there are whiteheads removed and sticking in the strip. But even so there would still be some on the nose. I can't use immediately another strip as it is not recommended and might dry out my nose. It will prompt the skin to just release more sebum that in the end I'll just get more whiteheads. 

I clean my face twice a day.
I use facial toner.
I use moisturizer.
I use oil free products.
I'm staying away from products with Lanolin.
I always look for Non Comedogenic products.
I scrub my face.
Tried various exfoliators.
I am using charcoal mask for nose.
I am using iWhite mask for nose.
Is there anything I missed? There's only one more product I haven't tried yet. I hope it is affordable. I hope it is available in UAE Market. Here it is:
Not my photo.
Will hunt this product soon..

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

LCS Water Mist

LCS Water Mist
Price: 5.00AED for 400ML Sale Price
Made in France
First of all let me say that I was grinning from ear to ear upon seeing the photo. As I have said before like a broken record whenever I take photos I am always in a hurry. Actually in almost everything I do I'm always in a hurry. I know it is not healthy but that is my life here in UAE. But anyway as I was saying even in taking photos I am always in a hurry unlike other people who have an ample of time with them who can take up to 100 to 200 photos just for one subject then get choose which one is the best. I would take at least 10 photos then stop and move on to other things. This photo was taken during the night. Inside the room which is dimly lit. And using Aperture Mode of my Sony Alpha A6000. I'm the worst when it comes to photo composition. But I am happy with this photo. One, for the clarity. Slowly I can take close up photos of my subject. Second, it has a good bokeh/bokah. I was not expecting that! Lastly not much noise in the photo. That for me is a perfect camera with ease of use too. Very simple of me huh?
I stopped hoarding beauty products as of April 2015 but I can't help buying 5 of these. As it was on sale and the last batch. After taking them all the shelf was empty. Evian is out of stock for such a long time which was good for me otherwise I wouldn't notice this brand that has lower price than Evian. Isn't it a total steal to get a 400ML of Facial Water Mist for only 5.00AED? As of the brand name I am already familiar with it as it is a staple in Carrefour UAE.
I think I am the last to know and use Facial Water Mist. But I do recall seeing them years before but ignoring them. Started using one only last December of 2014. From then on I'm hooked. This is my 3rd brand of Facial Water Mist. And became a staple in what to have list. I know 400ML is big but I think I'm saving money in getting big bottles than getting small ones. And I bring big bags anyway wherever I go. The only time I use a very small bag was when I know I'll be outside the house real quick like when paying the bills or sending money.
Here are some known benefits of water mist:
* keeps skin refreshed
* keeps skin hydrated
* setting the make up
* antioxidants
* anti aging
LCS stands for Les Cosmetiques. And what I like about this bottle is its simplicity. There's not much promises written in this product and I am fine with that. I'm tired of those products with 10,000 promises that won't happen anyway. I love using water mist to keep me refreshed the whole day at the office. Especially on summer. Instead of me going in the bathroom to wash my whole face which will ruin my make up (if I am wearing any). One time when the AC broke down I used it on my body and hair too. And if in case next time around I won't see any affordable water mist like this then I'll just make my own. That is if I will not be too lazy to do it. 
The Directions.
The Ingredients.
Country of origin and Company details.
LCS Pure Water Mist ~ one the simple pleasures of my UAE life. Thanks for dropping by here in my page. And as of me I'll just keep on hunting for the dirt cheap but wonderful products. Of course I would like to pamper myself from time to time but without making my pocket cry a river. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Daiso Haul Part 6

I don't buy much from Daiso anymore since the last week of April 2015. I mean I still buy but one or two items only and I don't hoard anymore. But as I had said before I have too many items accumulated from shopping in Daiso since the last quarter of 2014. Used some of them while some are still in the drawer or just tuck away somewhere in my small room/place.
Daiso Facial Plate ~ price is only 7.00AED. This is a combo of hair comb and a face massager. Not something that I really need but the curiosity got the best of me. This is an okay product. Buy it if you still have time to massage your face at night or just want to have a cute comb that will fit in your small purse. This pink color is very Kawaii.
Daiso Foaming Net ~ another Daiso product for only 7.00AED and honestly I never had a facial foaming net before. This is the first time. And I couldn't tell yet if I prefer to wash my face by my bare hands or by using this facial foaming net. 
Daiso Face Towel ~ I bought it for only 7.00AED. As usual if the price is higher than that I would not even pay attention to it. Product label says Daiso Face Towel but it doesn't look like a towel for me. It has the same purpose as the photo above. You'll out the facial wash whether foam or gel into this and you'll massage your face using this one. 
Daiso Foot Cream ~ another Daiso finds for only 7.00AED but I doubt that this is a popular Daiso product. I always find in blogs the Daiso Horse Foot Cream but this is different from that but this is also a food cream. I love it and this is already my second bottle.

Thanks for visiting my page. Will continue this some other time. That is when I use the other products and get time to take photos. I am always in a hurry in taking photos that I envy those people who carefully takes time and settings when doing so. But then this is my life. Just be happy :)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Daiso Product #10: Facial Plate

Daiso Facial Plate
Price: 7.00AED @ Daiso Lamcy Plaza
Made in China
Even without reading it can be seen in the photos on the product what it is about. But I consider this another odd item at Daiso. I mean a comb and at the same time facial plate? What is a facial plate? The only plate I know is the one I'm using whenever I eat food. I bought it out of curiosity as I never had a facial plate before. I would just like to try it out if it is good or not. If it turns out to be a bad product at least I can still use it as a comb.
The back side of the product. Until now I'm still getting confused with my camera. If I will look at the camera screen it looks like blurry but upon seeing it at the laptop then it is fine. Not really big but at least clear enough. Instructions are written in Japanese, English and Spanish. Sounds like Spanish so I take it as Spanish.
Instructions on How To Use. Let me write it down if it is too small for you. Apply lotion after washing your face. Use after applying commercially available oil or cream. Use for about 10 minutes a day. (I'm not too sure it I can use it for that long because 10 minutes is for one side of the face only so both cheeks would be 20 minutes, that is already too long for me).
How To Store: Dry well after use. 
Do not use excessively on one area.
Individual experience and result may vary.
Stop use immediately and consult a doctor when irritation occurs.
Do not use on areas with sores or broken skin.
Do not use on abdomen during menstruation.
Do not use this product for other than its originally intended purpose.
~ Duh. I was scratching my head upon typing the 5th on the list of caution. This is for face so why would any woman do that? :)
Country of Origin. But then this one doesn't really matter as for sure there's a strict QC after all Daiso is a Japanese product. They'll surely care for their name/company/reputation. And I can't think of any harm this really product can do. 

I stopped writing this post for a while to take a bath and after doing so I tried this on my face. It is relaxing as it massage my face. But I just wish someone will do it for me haha. So in short, this is an okay product. If you want to pamper yourself a little without shedding a fortune. It is better to use it while watching TV. That's all for now. I'll be sharing more Daiso products in the days to come. Ciao!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sake ~ Japanese Rice Wine in UAE Market

Since the last year I became interested in Japanese cuisine more than ever. Sake is a Japanese wine made of rice. It is one of the essentials in cooking Japanese food. Almost all the recipes I have and read requires sake. There are a handful of Japanese restaurants in Dubai and I wonder if they are using sake in their food? Also Sake is not limited to Japanese Cuisine there are also some Chinese and other cuisines that requires wine. 

The first and only Sake I have was from Ras Al Khaimah and that is one hour away from Ajman. Definitely out of the way. I am not too sure if Sake is widely available across the UAE. Or if bootleggers carry Sake. Don't judge me if I turn to bootleggers in acquiring one as there is no way I'll drive all the way to another emirate just to get one! But I have never met someone who is not a Japanese here in UAE that drinks Sake so why they would stock this kind of wine? There are liquor shops in Ajman and I haven't check them out. I'm hoping against hope that they have it. See? In UAE people who loves to 'drink' have choices. They can go to a bar. They can buy from bootleggers, but I am not suggesting it as it is illegal. Or they can buy from the liquor shops. While people like me who only uses them in cooking is having a hard time acquiring one! So yes this is a rant post! 

Wishful Thinking: I wish that Dean's Fujiya (Japanese Grocery Store) and Hanarum (Korean Grocery Store) will carry Sake or even the Shaoxing Wine. After all it is just another ingredient in cooking. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Asian Ingredients in UAE Market

Japanese Products  ~ out of all the Asian ingredients in the UAE market, Japanese products are the most expensive. Maybe because Japan is very far from UAE. Maybe because not much Japanese expats here. Maybe because there's only one (that I know of) grocery that carries extensive range of Japanese items. But most of the items are really Made in Japan. At least in Dean's Fujiya. Japanese products in Carrefour are usually from USA or UK.

Korean Products ~ comparing Korean products to Japanese in terms or price, Korean items are 'slightly' cheaper than Japanese items. But still they belong to the expensive category. At least for me. If you see Made in South Korea in the label means the product is from Korea. But if you will see Product of South Korea in the label means it is manufactured outside Korea like USA or China. Or the ingredients are from outside Korea. Either of that two. 

Thailand Products ~ this is what I can say belongs to affordable category. But only for some items that I know and buy as I haven't explore yet the Thai cuisine. And I haven't seen much of their items in the UAE market. Except for the chili paste, shrimp paste and fish sauce. And some noodles like Mama.

Philippines Products ~ this is in the same category as Thailand in affordability. And I know a lot of grocery stores that carry Philippines products. I can't think of anything that is not available in UAE market. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub

Clean and Clear
Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub
Price: less than 30AED @ Safeer Mall
Made in France
Ingredients: Aqua, Cetyl Alcohol, PPG-15 Stearyl Ether, Polyethlene, Cera Microcristallina, Streareth-21, Salicylic Acid, Polysorbate 60, Panthenol, Chamomilla Recutita Extrac, Aloe Bardensis Gel, Bisabolol, Jojoba Esters, Potassium Cetyl Phospate, Propylene Glycol, Glucose, Butylene Gycol, Xatham Gum, Menthyl Lcatate, BHT, Parfum
I can't remember exactly when was the first time I use a facial scrub and what brand it was but all I can remember was the pain I felt when the beads had a contact with my skin. So for the longest time facial scrub is not included in my routine even though I know that exfoliation is really a must in gaining a beautiful skin. Fast forward 2014 when I finally decided to combat my skin problems and try different products including the dreadful facial scrub.

I love shopping at Safeer Hypermarket and Lulu Hypermarket for beauty/skin products than in Carrefour mostly because of the sales ladies. Yes, I understand they are just doing their job and they may have a target sales BUT please when a customer say that she just wants to look around then leave the customer alone and don't keep on yakking and following the customer around. For me it is annoying and I'll just walk away. In Safeer and Lulu I have the liberty to stay as long as I want. Checking each and every product. Reading the ingredients and comparing them with other brands. Sorry for ranting but a lot of times I had been stupid enough to listen to some them and gave in into purchasing. Only to find out that the product won't work well with me and I just wasted money. They even have this favorite selling line that they are 'personally' using it. Personally my foot!

Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub caught my attention without further reading any details just for the name alone. Blackhead Clearing. Daily. I had been with whiteheads as long as I can remember. I know it says Blackhead but Whitehead and Blackhead are both types of acne. Or comedo. Isn't it? If it will work with blackhead then it will work with whitehead too. Plus it is very affordable compared to all the products I purchased at the pharmacy so I got myself one to try.

Moment of Truth: as a scrub I don't have any issues with it. The micro beads doesn't hurt me. I can feel that it helps in cleansing my skin. And it is safe to use on daily basis as it won't dry out the skin. Now what is the problem? Unfortunately it doesn't deliver with its promise regarding 'clearing' the stubborn whiteheads on my nose. See fewer after 1 wash. That sort of thing didn't happen to me. At the end of the day I still go back to my good old nose strips to remove the whiteheads.

But who knows this product might work with people who has blackheads. There's no harm in trying it out as it is affordable. If it won't help with the blackheads then treat it as just a normal scrub.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Daiso Haul Part 5

And I am back on the 5th part of my Daiso Haul. As I have said I had been shopping at Daiso since late 2014 and from then on I already purchased a lot from the said store. Some items that takes so long for them to restock I hoard. Usually the beauty items. Like face masks and nose strips. Aside from beauty items I purchased quite a few household items and stationaries which I shared at the previous posts about my hauls from Daiso. These products that I'll be posting today are from Daiso Lamcy Plaza. My favorite branch but not my favorite mall.Let's start:
Daiso Food Container ~ I don't usually buy food containers from Daiso as they don't carry the leak proof containers like the Lock and Lock. But I got this one in pink color though the photo is blur. 3 pieces for only 7.00AED and just like in the photo I'll be using it for cooked rice to be put in the freezer. I'll write a separate post some other time about that.
Daiso Mesh Bath Bag ~ this cute bath bag is for only 7.00AED and yes I need this in the bathroom as I can't find space anymore for my growing body wash and facial wash. Will write a separate post to let you know if it will last a long time or will break easily with the weight of all the stuff I'm be storing it this bag. I really wish it will last to prove that cheap doesn't equate to poor quality.
Daiso Air Mesh Tote Bag ~ another bag that costs only 7.00AED will be using it as make up bag. It is transparent which is good so I can see what's inside easily and it has a handle so I can just hang it. Will observe if it will last a long time or not. Just like the Daiso Mesh Bath Bag above. Watch out Daiso products all of you are under observation haha.
Daiso Airtight Seal Bags ~ I'm not sure if I can use these bags for food items. Haven't check it out yet. Price is only 7.00AED and it comes in different sizes. In the past I purchased at least 3 sizes of it and they are okay especially in organizing little items like buttons, band aids, notes and etc..
Daiso Silicon Feet Mask ~ who say's mask are only for the face huh? This is for only 7.00AED and the good part is, it is reusable. Just forgive the photo as I may have a good camera but I am always in a hurry when taking photos. Between work, household chores etc. I'm always running after time. Will write a review once I use it.

That's all for today. Thanks for dropping by to my page aka my online diary. Feel free to leave comments :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Daiso Haul Part 4

When I gathered up all the items I bought from Daiso and took photos of them so I can write a post about my Daiso Haul, I was like OMG! I didn't realized that I already bought that much. But what makes it okay is so far all the items are usable for me. So here I am again with another Daiso Haul post and probably there will still be a part 5 and 6 of it. Not too sure though. All items below I purchased from Daiso in Lamcy Plaza:
Daiso Toothpicks ~ this box that contains 300pcs costs only 7.00AED but looking at me makes me scratch my head. Because if saving money is my reason for making a purchase at Daiso I should have chosen a box that contains 1,000 pieces. I chose this box because this is Kawaii (cute) so in the end I have a cute but expensive toothpicks. Photo may not be clear but can still clearly show its cuteness.
Daiso Stationary ~ I got these on sale so each costs 3.00AED only. Until now I am still using paper and pen but I don't buy much because of the price. Obviously with my posts I have way too many items and I can't give them up for various reasons. So the option left is to find the cheapest in the market. This Kawaii stick notes is definitely dirt cheap. And I wish Daiso Lamcy Plaza would have a sale often.
Daiso Sole Sap Sheet ~ each packet costs 7.00AED. This is not always available in Daiso UAE. I bought myself a few variants but until now I can't really say if it is working or not. Used it two times and I haven't gotten around in my supposed to be experiment to be sure that the dirt after using it really comes from me or it is the natural reaction of the sole sheet when wet. I'll do that then write my feedback here. Because I am unsure if this is for real that I haven't repurchase.
Daiso Sweat Absorbent Pad ~ I know in my 3rd part of Daiso Haul I already posted a Daiso Sweat Pad but this is a different variant/color from that one. As the photo suggests you need to put these on your blouse and it will absorb the sweart from your underarms. Think about a sanitary napkin in the underarms. Sounds funny but it is a big help for me. Each packet contains 8 pieces which is good for 4 days and costs only 7.00AED. Those who doesn't like using a deodorant but don't want the sweat stains on their shirt then here's a product for you.
Daiso Measuring Spoon with Egg Separator ~ this costs for only 7.00AED. The one that I am currently using in the kitchen costed me more than 7.00AED and since it is made of steel it has become rusty over time so I decided to purchase it since it is made of plastic. And the egg separator is a bonus.

I'm enjoying writing a post about my Daiso Haul and I still have so many hauls to share but I have to go now and take a rest. Thanks for dropping by till next time..

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Daiso Haul Part 3

Isn't it obvious by now how much I really love shopping at Daiso? Most of the items I really need. While some items I purchased out of curiosity. But even so it doesn't hurt me financially big time as Daiso items are affordable. Mostly are for 7.00AED only. And I'm staying away to items that happens to be higher than that amount. Welcome to my Daiso Haul Part 3:
Daiso Medical Bathing Agent ~ I'm not yet using this one and honestly I bought it without even knowing the purpose. I got this from Daiso Lamcy Plaza. I don't think that this is their regular product. They just have a few stocks of this one. It costs 7.00AED per bottle. The word 'medicated' caught my attention so I grabbed 2. I hope I'll find answers at Google regarding this one and once I find out will share them via post here.
Daiso Pore Care Pack ~ this is a Daiso Charcoal Nose Strips. Each box contains 4 pieces. A box costs only 7.00AED. Whenever I see this at Daiso I can't help buying myself one or two. This is a fast moving item at Daiso. But even so it seems that they are not stocking up. For example Daiso Mirdif City Centre doesn't have this for almost 2 months. New batch came but after a week all has been sold out and again customers who wants to buy it has to wait 'forever' for it to arrive. Looking back at all my non Daiso purchase that promises to clean up my nose properly but in the end they didn't really work for me I should have just spent that money in hauling all the Daiso Nose Strips I can get. At least this one I can attest that works properly with no fancy promises!
Daiso Charcoal Pore Pack ~ the same as the photo above but in a different packaging. Daiso Charcoal Nose Strips. Each packet contains 4 pieces of nose strips. Each packet costs 7.00AED. This is also hard to find. I was able to buy 1 packet at Dubai Mall once and I have never seen it again over there again. Bought these 5 packets from Daiso Lamcy Plaza. The last batch of their stock I guess.
Daiso BB Face Mask ~ there are two types of Daiso BB Face Mask. One is Daiso BB Face Mask with Hyaluronic Acid and the second one is BB Face Mask with Collagen. A packet contains 2 pieces of face mask. A packet would costs 7.00AED. Another fast moving item from Daiso Beauty Products. A Daiso branch would go on for weeks without a stock of it. 
Daiso Coenzyme Q10 Face Mask ~ another fast moving item at Daiso. Almost all branches are out of it for a few weeks then last week I saw at least 2 branches stock up again but then they are out of Daiso BB Face Mask. They can't bring make everything available all at once. This Daiso Coenzyme Q10 Face Mask a box has 3 pieces of face mask. And a box would costs 7.00AED. Making it cheaper than the Daiso BB Face Mask. But has a different purpose. 
Daiso Sweat Pads ~ each packet contains 8 pieces of sweat pads. One for each armpit. Means one packet is good for 4 days. A packet costs 7.00AED. When I first saw this item I was hesitant to buy it. Sounds ridiculous. But when finally I decided to buy one and used it well I came back for more variants/colors. There are days that I don't feel like wearing a deodorant or I'll just apply some cream as my underarms becoming dry so I'll just put a sweat pads on my tops/blouse and this is a big help as  I don't stink even without deodorant as it absorbs the sweat. Thankful that Japanese invented this kind of thing.

That's all for now. Till my next Daiso Haul :)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Daiso Haul Part 2

Or should I say the Daiso Lamcy Plaza Haul? As all the items are from Daiso branch located inside the Lamcy Plaza. Lamcy Plaza is not my favorite mall as it is very far from me. I am living in Ajman. And I find their escalators location weird. Daiso in Lamcy Plaza is my favorite as you'll find items that you cannot find in other branches. Plus they have items on sale. Imagine 7.0AED already is affordable so how much more if the item is less than that? Now here's the continuation of my Daiso Haul.
Daiso Diapers ~ each packet costs 7.00AED and each packet has 2 diapers. Actually it was an honest mistake. I really thought it was a sanitary napkin. I can't return it anymore as I already lost the receipt. I'm not sure if 7.00AED for 2 pieces is a dirt cheap when it comes to diapers because I don't shop for one. Lesson learned for me. Even if most of the products doesn't have an English translation there will always be photos at the back that I have to look for properly.
Daiso Sanitary Napkin ~ now this is what I can call dirt cheap. A packet contains 22 pieces. It was on sale. 2 packets for 6.00AED only. This is the cheapest that you can find in the UAE market. I hoard this one. I got myself a year supply of it. I think they still have a promo until they finish all their stocks.
Daiso Scented Candles ~ each costs only 3.00AED during sale. I'm not exactly crazy about scented candles but I wouldn't pass on this kind of sale. As scented candle is essential in our flat. Buying scented candles is cheaper than aiming for a big flat with a big kitchen with proper windows and ventilation. That's only in my dreams. So I just settle myself in buying scented candles to be lit up while cooking and while the food aroma still lingers. 
Daiso Scented Candles ~ just like the photo in above but this are with different flavors. Got them on sale for only 3.00AED each. If they are still on sale at month end and I still have extra budget with me I would definitely hoard again. If on sale my 50.00AED will go a long way. That's why I love this branch.
Daiso One Push Dispenser ~ this is for only 7.00AED and it is available in all branches of Daiso. I haven't gotten around in using it though I have it with me for months now. Will be using it for my face toner. Push pump is easier to use. 

That's all for now. Thanks for dropping by.