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Monday, May 25, 2015

Daiso Product #10: Facial Plate

Daiso Facial Plate
Price: 7.00AED @ Daiso Lamcy Plaza
Made in China
Even without reading it can be seen in the photos on the product what it is about. But I consider this another odd item at Daiso. I mean a comb and at the same time facial plate? What is a facial plate? The only plate I know is the one I'm using whenever I eat food. I bought it out of curiosity as I never had a facial plate before. I would just like to try it out if it is good or not. If it turns out to be a bad product at least I can still use it as a comb.
The back side of the product. Until now I'm still getting confused with my camera. If I will look at the camera screen it looks like blurry but upon seeing it at the laptop then it is fine. Not really big but at least clear enough. Instructions are written in Japanese, English and Spanish. Sounds like Spanish so I take it as Spanish.
Instructions on How To Use. Let me write it down if it is too small for you. Apply lotion after washing your face. Use after applying commercially available oil or cream. Use for about 10 minutes a day. (I'm not too sure it I can use it for that long because 10 minutes is for one side of the face only so both cheeks would be 20 minutes, that is already too long for me).
How To Store: Dry well after use. 
Do not use excessively on one area.
Individual experience and result may vary.
Stop use immediately and consult a doctor when irritation occurs.
Do not use on areas with sores or broken skin.
Do not use on abdomen during menstruation.
Do not use this product for other than its originally intended purpose.
~ Duh. I was scratching my head upon typing the 5th on the list of caution. This is for face so why would any woman do that? :)
Country of Origin. But then this one doesn't really matter as for sure there's a strict QC after all Daiso is a Japanese product. They'll surely care for their name/company/reputation. And I can't think of any harm this really product can do. 

I stopped writing this post for a while to take a bath and after doing so I tried this on my face. It is relaxing as it massage my face. But I just wish someone will do it for me haha. So in short, this is an okay product. If you want to pamper yourself a little without shedding a fortune. It is better to use it while watching TV. That's all for now. I'll be sharing more Daiso products in the days to come. Ciao!

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