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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Daiso Haul Part 6

I don't buy much from Daiso anymore since the last week of April 2015. I mean I still buy but one or two items only and I don't hoard anymore. But as I had said before I have too many items accumulated from shopping in Daiso since the last quarter of 2014. Used some of them while some are still in the drawer or just tuck away somewhere in my small room/place.
Daiso Facial Plate ~ price is only 7.00AED. This is a combo of hair comb and a face massager. Not something that I really need but the curiosity got the best of me. This is an okay product. Buy it if you still have time to massage your face at night or just want to have a cute comb that will fit in your small purse. This pink color is very Kawaii.
Daiso Foaming Net ~ another Daiso product for only 7.00AED and honestly I never had a facial foaming net before. This is the first time. And I couldn't tell yet if I prefer to wash my face by my bare hands or by using this facial foaming net. 
Daiso Face Towel ~ I bought it for only 7.00AED. As usual if the price is higher than that I would not even pay attention to it. Product label says Daiso Face Towel but it doesn't look like a towel for me. It has the same purpose as the photo above. You'll out the facial wash whether foam or gel into this and you'll massage your face using this one. 
Daiso Foot Cream ~ another Daiso finds for only 7.00AED but I doubt that this is a popular Daiso product. I always find in blogs the Daiso Horse Foot Cream but this is different from that but this is also a food cream. I love it and this is already my second bottle.

Thanks for visiting my page. Will continue this some other time. That is when I use the other products and get time to take photos. I am always in a hurry in taking photos that I envy those people who carefully takes time and settings when doing so. But then this is my life. Just be happy :)

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