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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

When gadgets are smarter..

Okay.. this is a rant post because of what is happening with me and my devices. Please do spare me of the lines that at least you have gadgets! While others cannot even afford it. Do not get me wrong. I am thankful with what I have. I just wish that in our advance technology they will still make things friendly user for people who do not have patience or time. Where do I begin exactly? For me to get to this point of ranting? In the Philippines it is normal for establishments to play music and sometimes music are very loud. But since I am in UAE and working in an office environment it is entirely a different story. Sometimes I need to listen to music. The Emarati colleague do not mind as long as the music is low. But my Indian colleagues are not comfortable with it. So as an end result I need to use an MP3 player.

Well if you will ask me I can actually live without an MP3 player. I can listen to music at home anyway. But then again it led to another story. This year when I decided that damn.. I was complaining of not having time to finish reading all the books I want, why I haven't thought about of audio books before? So in the day I can do two things at the same time. I can listen to it while working! And if audio books are not available then I can listen to language learning like Pimsleur. That way I feel like I will be more productive. In a way that I will be working then at the same time will be enjoying listening to an audio book or using my brain through learning something new. So using an MP3 is really a must for me. Now because of these damn MP3s that I am ranting right now.

Years ago someone gave me a gift called iPod shuffle. It would have been the perfect MP3 player of them all only if iTunes is not required. I have this love and hate relationship with Apple actually. How can I not love my iPod shuffle? It is pink in color. This is the slimmest and lightest player I ever have! I can use it whatever on earth I am doing. But then the memory is only 2GB and as I have said one must need an iTunes which sucks. Well 2GB is okay if I will be listening to songs only but as I have stated I started listening to audio book this year. I need a bigger memory for audio books. But still using iTunes suck big time for me. Since I came to UAE, having enough TIME is my biggest problem. Let us say I finished listening today and when I get home if I have something to do like cooking I cannot even find a time to transfer something from iTunes to my iPod shuffle. Then I will not have anything to listen to the next day. Yes there were times that I cannot even open my laptop at night. 

So I have given up on my iPod shuffle. Thanks to iTunes. Now I kept it along with my other stuff in my dresser. My current iPhone has a huge memory but quite big to carry around while working. Unlike my iPod shuffle. So I asked Google for the most user friendly player that will not break my bank account and will not be too heavy to carry around. And it has to be waterproof too. Just in case I accidentally drop it in the sink. Or in case I go swimming. Or in case I sweat a lot. When I say user friendly meaning even at work I can just connect it to anyone's computer and transfer file. Something Apple products will not let you do. Perfect choice would be Sony. But we all know everything made in Japan are expensive. But cannot blame them though. As the quality is top notch. I know as I had been a Sony customer years ago. From looking at Sony products I actually ended up buying a Japanese F08D Docomo phone.

I read that most of Japanese phones are waterproof as women loves to bring it with them in the shower. Who do not want that? I know I have way too many phones now but I was too interested because I was thinking that the amount I will pay for the Sony MP3 is almost the same with what I am going to pay for my Docomo phone. It is not as big as my iPhone so I can carry it around. Put it in the pocket of my pants or my blouse. And I do not have any problems of accidentally dropping it in the water. Japanese phones are not too expensive via Amazon Japan but they cannot be delivered to UAE thanks DHL for that. But one can buy it via Ebay and the amount is extremely expensive. So when I found online (just cannot remember the website now) that I can buy this old Docomo phone for only 169AED (paid total of 184AED due to shipping) I was sold. Bought it after thinking about it for three times. It came and I was so happy.

But it will be one month now since I purchased it and I never gotten around in using it. Simply because I do not have ample of time in my hands. After 2 or 3 weeks only that I was able to buy a micro sd card. Since the memory is only 4GB. And I bought a 32GB micro sd card. I was enthusiastic at this point. Until so called advance technology strikes again. Well you can charge F08D Docomo in Macbook but there is no way on earth that one can use it as a USB and so once again why Apple has to make it so complicated? Damn. I still have Windows laptop but then again even with good old Windows I seem to need some application or something for them to make old mobiles work as USB. It will not easily accept my old Samsung phone or my old Blackberry phone much less my new phone but old model F08D Docomo phone. And this is the point where I want to kick people around!

Phones are working. Micro SD cards are working. But connection between the mobile and laptop or even the PC at work is such a big pain in the ass. My old micro sd card reader is not working anymore. But my old Sony M2 adaptor is still working perfectly fine even though it will be on its 7th year or 8th year now. Damn again. Last option? I went out to the nearest shop and bought a micro sd card reader. Shelling out 23.00AED and for some it is small amount but I am now at the point that even a dirhams matter a lot unlike before. But it is not only money that I wasted. As well as my time. It has been months since I last listened to a Pimsleur language course. Making me want to throw curses at our so called technology!!!!!!!!!!! 

Anyhow I cannot keep on getting mad thinking about the money I have thrown so far just for wanting a waterproof gadget that I can listen to or watch whenever I am outside the house. It is over and done. Using it anyway even if it is not exactly as user friendly as I thought it will be. Had to remove the battery just so I can take out the micro sd card and use an adaptor just so the laptop will accept it. Maybe I might get lucky and have a chance to visit Japan then I will not hesitate buying myself a Sony waterproof MP3 player with a high memory.  

Now just making a mental note that after I am done decluttering with my makeup I also have to do the same with the gadgets I own. Or whatever things that are taking up a space on my external disks. And try to get used to more gadgets related I will encounter on the following days.

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